29 July 2014

    Having just completed the latest customer survey request for the Property Ombudsman I thought I would peek at the results of the last customer service survey. Well you never know how these things go do you. The process is monitored by the Ombudsman and the information is available to the public.

    Anyway, totally thrilled to bits.

    10 out of 10 in each category and some very nice comments.

    Can’t do better than that.

  2. The importance of kerb appeal

    17 July 2014

    From the moment they arrive at a property, a potential buyer is asking themselves, ‘Could I live here?’ When it comes to buying a house, judging a book by its cover is a phrase that all sellers should be mindful of. Don’t lose the sale before the viewing has even begun!


    In a recent survey by estate agent network, Relocation Agent Network, 98% of respondents (including Renown Estates, recommend that sellers ensure outside areas are well presented. From painting the front door to mowing the lawn or planting flowers, according to the majority* of survey respondents, over 60% of sellers do ensure a property’s outside areas are well presented before entering the market. After all, why put your property at a disadvantage for the sake of a cracked gnome or broken fence?


    But what’s the most important jobs to complete before selling your property? Network respondents rated the following in order of importance…**


    1. Mowing the lawn. Sounds obvious, but a 10-minute job like mowing the lawn can really improve your property’s kerb appeal.

    2. Painting the front door. It’s the first thing a buyer will look at, so make sure your door is looking its best.

    3. Cleaning windows. It not only improves the property exterior, but also ensures clear views from the inside.

    4. Painting the shed. A tired shed at the bottom of the garden is easily improved with a lick of paint.

    5. Planting flowers. Flowers can really lift the outside appearance, for small gardens, consider window boxes.


    Thinking of selling in 2014?

    As a selected member of Relocation Agent Network, we’ve already proven that our customer service is deemed to be the best in Cramlington  (in the Network’s opinion). But if that isn’t enough, through our membership, we can offer sellers a completely unique channel of buyer that no other estate agent in Cramlington can provide. Visit www.relocation-agent-network.co.uk/how-we-can-help-you.aspx to find out more.

    *43% of survey respondents indicated that over 60% of their sellers ensure outside areas of a property are well presented before entering the market.


    **Mowed lawn (44%), painted front door (37%), clean windows (6%), painted shed (3%), planted flowers (3%)

  3. Best month ever? Probably.

    10 July 2014

    This month looks like it’s going to be our best and busiest ever. Our management department is working hard to keep up with demand for new tenancies.

    We look after properties across South Northumberland and  Tyneside for private landlords and are always looking to expand so if you have a need for a management agent just give us a call.

    We keep our charges low with monthly charges from as little as £30 plus VAT for a full management service.

    Our number is 01670 730073 or you can email us on rentals@renownestates.com.


  4. The enemy of the vendor.

    Energy saving light bulbs. Simple as that!

    During the summer months, here up north, it stays light until late but it won’t be long before autumn comes round, the apples fall off the trees, your kids want a halloween costume and it’s dark at 4 o’clock.

    Now is the time to stock up on 100 watt bulbs. Scour the Poundsavers and Cheapshops, get a few in. You don’t want them in situ until you have your Energy Performance Certificate sorted as it will drop your rating. Then take all of the energy savings ones out, put the bright ones in and brighten up your house for viewings. You can put them back when you’ve sold it.

    So many buyers are put off by “dark and dingy ” houses. Don’t be caught out! It’s probably not the house that’s dark it’s those darned light bulbs.

    For less than a fiver you will improve your chances of selling.

  5. Photos

    23 June 2014

    A client rang me today to say that they didn’t realise how bad their last agent’s photos of their house were until they saw the brilliant ones we’d taken.

    That’s all.

    Just thought I would tell you

  6. So what do you see in an estate agent?

    24 May 2014

    The recent series on BBC about estate agents was really interesting. Maybe, as an agent, I looked at it from a different viewpoint but each programme allowed you to look at what we do.

    From the down to earth Durham agent, the brash but endearing young office manager in the West Country to the ultimate high end agent operating in the most expensive parts of London, there was an insight in the day to day workings of our business.

    The top end agent was Beauchamp ( pronounced Beecham ) Estates. When you look on their web site you will find that there are no gimmicks, no video or audio tours, just well written descriptions and good still photographs of well presented properties. No unmade beds, no Corn Flake packets on top of kitchen cupboards.

    The guy who ran the company, Gary, was a very confident, very experienced agent who knew his job inside out and spent most of his time being chauffeured around, on his phone dealing with people buying and selling at tens of millions of pounds.

    Mind you his fees are a touch higher than mine, ( I don’t have a chauffeur ).

    You can probably still get it on I Player. Worth watching. I think it was “Estate Agents Under Offer”.




  7. Calling All Landlords!

    23 May 2014

    According to a recent estate agency survey, conducted by the Relocation Agent Network, of which we are member, not only is now a good time to be a landlord, but it is a strong buy to let market and re-sale values have also increased in the last three years.

    Relocation Agent Network, the national network of independent estate agents asked its members whether the re-sale value of a typical two bed investment property has increased or decreased in the last three years. A third indicated the value has increased by up to 10% and another fifth reported a 15% rise.

    The national survey also looked at what prospective tenants consider to be the most important factors when looking for rental accommodation. The majority of survey respondents (46%) cited location as the top priority, followed closely by the cost of a property (37%).

    Paul Reynolds from Renown Estate Agents, the member of Relocation Agent Network in Cramlington, Northumberland said;

     “This survey brings good news for current landlords and those considering becoming a buy to let investor. Not only is it a strong rental market, you’re also getting capital growth as well as rental yields.

    “If you have a property to let, contact us today. We’re Relocation Agent Network’s appointed Local Expert for Cramlington and have been for over 15 years which means we have access to out of town tenants moving into the area.”

    About Relocation Agent Network:

    Relocation Agent Network is a national network of specially selected estate agents. All members are handpicked after thorough checks identify them as the best estate agent to represent Relocation Agent Network in their area. The Network provides coverage throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Relocation Agent Network is a division of Cartus, the premier provider of global relocation services, with nearly 165,000 customers moved worldwide every year. In the UK, Cartus uses Network members to buy and sell homes for these relocating families. As well as relocating families moving with Cartus, Relocation Agent Network helps house movers in other parts of the country by referring buyers and sellers from one area to another.

    Contact: For further information, please contact Paul Reynolds at Renown Estate Agents on 01670 730073 and/or email paul.reynolds@renownestates.com

  8. But who do I ask ?

    19 May 2014

    I was talking to a couple today who were making a decision based upon advice given to them by someone who obviously didn’t know what they were talking about. I had to interfere and put them on the right track.
    As I read somewhere the other day….Getting the right advice can be expensive but a lot less expensive than getting the wrong advice.
    Make sense?
    Trouble is…. if you don’t know anything about the subject then how can you tell?

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