1. Pegswood Station?

    29 June 2015

    According to Zoopla it’s one of the rail stations closest to Cramlington.

    Another reason not to believe stuff you see on these property portals.

    I’ve asked them to remove this info from their site but they haven’t bothered.

  2. Relentless rise in the cost of lease extensions.

    22 June 2015

    I know that I am probably boring some readers with the subject but here I go again with an update on the situation.

    The latest quote from Simarc on a two bedroomed flat on Southfield Lea in Cramlington is around £1,500 more than that for an identical property in January this year with a corresponding hike in the annual ground rent.

    It really is a scandal. They are just making the numbers up.

    I am liaising with a national newspaper to try to publicise the situation but I need your help.

    Please email me at paul@renownestates.com or ring the office 01670 730073 if you have any stories you would like to share.


  3. It is with great pleasure…….

    8 June 2015

    that we offer for sale….We are delighted to offer for sale…..We are extremely grateful to be instructed….. blah blah.

    Estate agents opening to the house description. It’s a house! Get to the point. OK I’m an estate agent too but these openings are really numbing .

    I had a look on the internet to see what came onto the market over the weekend in my town. Every description started the same way.

    I know that it’s hard to be totally original but put a bit of thought into it.

  4. Is perseverance paying off?

    5 June 2015

    There was a very good report on leasehold property in a national newspaper at the end of May. I contacted the reporter who wrote the piece, outlining the problems that we have in Cramlington. I have forwarded some information and I am hoping to further our discussion and make progress next week.

    I have also spoken with a Northumberland County Councillor who is interested in helping.

    I’ll keep you updated with progress.





  5. Number one spot

    1 May 2015

    Zoopla have us in the number one spot for sales and lettings in the Cramlington area. Happy with that and working hard to stay there.

  6. Have you seen the Tepilo advert on TV? We can give you a lot more for less. Read on..

    26 March 2015

    This is the heavily advertised online agency launched by Sarah Beeny. It’s basic premise is that it cuts the cost of moving house.  Whether the amount of saving can be substantiated is debatable.  In the London area with sky high prices you would certainly think so.

    In the current the economic climate, not many people want to waste their cash.

    Tepilo are online, with no local office as such. Some of our clients wouldn’t benefit; they don’t do things online as  they don’t own a computer.

    Tepilo’s ” middle of the road ” package costs about £840 plus VAT. That’s £1,008. You have to pay  this upfront and it looks like you can pay by credit or debit card. Well you’d have to wouldn’t you as they don’t have a local office.

    We can do a tremendous amount more for you.

    We will be quite happy to sell your house (whatever it goes for ) at £750 plus VAT. That’s £900 ( so long as you pay us upfront ).

    Our service using the tradional model is 1% including VAT, which you pay on completion of the sale.

    You have the choice.

    Check our website to find out more about us




  7. Springtime Special!

    23 March 2015

    Isn’t it nice to see a bit more daylight? The clocks will be going forward next weekend so there will be another hour in the evening to view houses. Most buyers don’t like to view houses in the dark  and have to cram viewing into the weekends over the winter.

    On the other side of the fence (ours as estate agents) it means more daylight and more time for taking interior photos. It’s difficult to do a good job of this in the winter, having to use the interior lights doesn’t help so we really needed to squeeze these jobs into the middle of the day.

    Anyway, what’s this offer?

    Spring into action offer


    Essentially, instead of adding 20%, we’re including the VAT! * …and that’s a few quid in your pocket.

    Why are we doing it? Sales levels are much better at the moment and we’d like as many houses on the market as possible.

    We know that this won’t make you move if you don’t want to, but it’s even more of an incentive to use Renown if you do!

    Same great service. Now with less outlay. Still no sale no fee!


    * Example Saving Calculation:
    (e.g. For a property selling at £200,000, incurring our standard 1% fee = £2000+VAT = £2400. If you pay £2000, the ‘saving’ of £400 against the full fee of £2400 is 16.67%). Our offer saves you the normal requirement to pay 20% VAT on top of our sale fee.

  8. Well this year should be interesting.

    16 January 2015

    There’s quite a bit going on over the next few months in the property market.
    Nationally we have a new property website launching this month called Onthemarket.
    This is a mutual enterprise, meaning that each member agent has a say in the content rather than the sites we use now whose look is dictated by the companies that run them. They can often display inaccurate information, especially when it comes to computer generated valuation models
    The idea is sensible. Agents using Onthemarket must have a bona fide office. This will, in our opinion, be good for the housing market and good for the customer. It will not be available to “online only ” agents
    Having been involved in this business for nearly forty years we think it is essential, in order to provide a full service, to have local staff, local knowledge and a local presence. Valuation is learned by training and experience on a street by street , town by town basis. A computer can’t see the house or sort your problems out. It can’t negotiate for you.
    Many of our sales involve accompanied viewings, regular visits to ensure that houses are secure. Rentals are very personal. We like to see prospective tenants, inspect rental properties to ensure they are of good quality and talk to our customers. Online agents can’t do that.
    To use an analogy you can buy a flight ticket online but you need a pilot and aircrew to do the important stuff!
    In April we see the rules on pensions changing. This will have a major effect on the market with numbers of policyholders able to draw cash from their schemes and look at buy to let opportunities rather than annuities. Add this to the changes in stamp duty announced recently and you can see why there will be an upward trend in demand and prices.
    The North should benefit from these changes more than the South as returns on investment will arguably be better.
    Locally we have a lot happening in Cramlington. We have the new hospital, better road connections, a possible expansion of the Manor Walks shopping centre and a few new housing estates in the offing. The controversial development to the north of Station Road looks like it is going to happen, the Parkside School site is under construction, the Bett Homes site on Beaconhill may start and an application to develop land near the hospital is likely to be submitted. Lots of new houses to tempt you.
    That’s quite a bit to be getting on with from our point of view.
    At Renown we are steeped in Cramlington housing. Our reputation is our strength, our depth of knowledge is unique and our ability to help you is at hand. Whether you need advice on selling, buying, investing, developing or renting just call us or drop into our office.

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