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Renown Estate Agents is an Independent Estate Agent with more than 30 years experience of selling houses in and around Cramlington.

The office is proud to offer a unique blend of good old fashioned service, together with the latest technology & marketing techniques. Combined with experienced and knowledgeable staff, this means we can offer you the right advice and guidance when it comes to selling your property.

Why Choose Renown?
A comprehensive list of over 40 reasons 'Why'

Aside from our market leading 1% Sale Fee, we thought you may like to know why else you should choose Renown to sell your property or home over every other local estate agent.

  • Market Leading 1% Sale Fee
  • 10% Discount available for returning customers
  • Free, No Obligation Market Valuations
  • Unrivalled knowledge of the local property market
  • Common sense, substantiated valuations
  • Open 6 Days-a-Week (see our opening hours)
  • Regulated, Registered & Licensed - Backed by professional memberships with;
  • Longstanding, experienced staff with extensive knowledge of the local property market – we have over 100 years combined estate agency experience!
  • Internet Advertising via our own and a number of leading property related websites:
  • Latest technology to include SMS text messaging, and emailing of property details
  • Targeted Internet Advertising to:
    • Our eSearch Property Feed subscribers
    • Our fans & friends on Facebook
    • Our followers on Twitter
    • All of our Blog Readers
  • Full Colour Property Particulars (including the option of floor plans)
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Links to 700+ offices nationwide via the Home-Sale Network of independent estate agents
  • Distinctive, recognisable 'For Sale' boards
  • Quality photographs to enhance your property's appeal
  • Guidance on how to best present your property to the market
  • Constructive vendor feed back following viewings
  • Convenient and centrally located office with ample parking
  • Closely monitored sales progressing, resulting in a low fall-through rate
What We Do For You
How we present, market and advertise your home

Renown is proud of its reputation of being experienced, knowledgeable and trusted.

We believe that our our expert local advice is unrivalled and that we are the best placed agent in the area to sell your property!

It's always nice to know what you're going to get for your money, especially when large sums are involved. So, with that in mind, we thought we'd explain exactly what we're going to do for you in exachange for our super-low, market leading 1% sale fee.

This is what we do...

After conducting a free valuation of your property, taking photographs (and video if required) and noting down all of your property's particulars we will:

  • Add your property to our database, with all of it's particulars, details and photographs, etc so that it appears in Property Search results on our website.
  • Create a property brochure and make it available to all prospective buyers and interested parties via our office. Our brochures are produced with extra care & attention to:
    • Featured photos. We take our time to ensure photographs are taken which best showcase your property, and select only the best for your brochure.
    • Human, hand-written descriptions that actually make sense and are a joy to read. We cut-out the 'boring' and bin the 'robot'.
    • Identify key features of your property to list in an easy-to-read bullet list summary on the front page.

    We feel this additional time spent on looking after how your property is presented really makes a difference to the number of enquiries & responses received.

  • Place your property in our office window and/or on our 'For Sale' wall in-house.
  • Submit adverts for your property online to over 10 property related websites (see above 'Why Choose Renown' for the full list).
  • Take advantage of the Social Media movement by creating a dedicated blog post to advertise your property to:
    • Our fans & friends on Facebook
    • Our followers on Twitter
    • Our Blog readers
  • Send out an email notification to all of our eSearch Property Feed Subscribers who are looking to purchase a property just like yours.
  • Make recommendations to prospective buyers and interested parties via telephone, email and in person.
Seller Information
Helpful hints, tips and guides to help you sell

When it comes to selling your property, it is down to you to present your home as one that appeals to prospective buyers.

There are several small precautions you can take to ensure that the snapshot of your home that the potential buyer sees is one that entices them...

  • Guide to: Preparing Your Property For Sale

    STEP 1: Repairs and Maintenance

    DIY tool kit

    In order to sell your property for the best price possible, your home must be presented in as unblemished a condition as possible.

    • Finish off any small DIY jobs you've been putting off
    • A well-kept garden, pathway & fence are immediately appealing
    • A regular lick of paint will keep a property looking good and keep deterioration at bay
    • Update the kitchen:
      • If the units are looking tired, simply replace or paint/varnish the doors. This will be much cheaper than buying an entire new kitchen!
      • If the units are in fairly good condition and only look dated, just replace the doorknobs, handles and taps. Another economical trick is to fit good, solid worktops to existing units.
    • Damaged leaking gutterWater can cause major problems in unwanted places:
      • Check your roof and guttering
      • Replace broken tiles
      • It's worth casting an eye over the drains too. A drain cleared before a blockage occurs is easier on the nose and the wallet!
      • Before any larger renovations are undertaken, it is worth calculating the maximum potential value of your property.

        For instance, it is senseless to spend £20,000 on property improvements just to add £10,000 on to the sale price. Research through property papers and liaise with us to work out asking prices for similar properties in your area, and
        those which may have your proposed improvements
        already applied.

    STEP 2: Look and Feel

    When selling your property a lot can be achieved by transforming the personal aspects of your home. The potential buyer wants to envisage them and their family living in the property. So create a warm and positive atmosphere to your home to help them along with the process.

    Several tips to help you do this include:

    • Paint the Walls - a pale, plain shade maximises the feeling of light and space and enables buyers to imagine their possessions in the property. Research shows that most buyers prefer natural, earthy colours to bright, bold shades. Although there's a wide range of paint colours available, magnolia is still the top-selling pick of the bunch!
    • To prevent rooms looking too bland - use strong colours for accent walls or cushions and accessories.
    • De-personalise your rooms - by removing personal items such as family photographs and children's drawings which may distract potential buyers. Buyers should be looking at the property, not the owner's possessions. Removing clutter makes it easier for buyers to imagine their own belongings in a room.
    • Plant pots can provide colour in your garden - if you don't have the time to fill your own, you can always get some ready-made.
    • Flowers and a bowl of fruit will brighten up a room and provide a pleasant smell.
    • Organise rooms - a property will be more appealing if rooms have a specific purpose and this allows buyers to see the full potential of the property.
    • Revitalise a bathroom - with a green leafy plant, new taps, a shower curtain and a light pull. All these items can be picked up cheaply from DIY warehouses.
    • Coloured bathroom suites are out - old-fashioned white however, is back in vogue! If you've got an avocado or pink bathroom, consider investing in a white suite. It will add value to your property.
    • Restoring fireplaces and period features such as ceiling roses and cornices, can add thousands of pounds to a property. If you don't have a fireplace, a striking picture can work equally well. If you decide to install a fireplace, look for an original period grate and surround in reclamation yards to keep costs down.
  • Guide to: Conducting Viewings

    STEP 1: First Impressions

    Coffee and fresh bread

    First impressions count and are very important. Here's a few tips on how to make the right first impression.

    • Avoid strong food odours - Don't cook food such as fish or curry before a viewing as the smell will linger.
    • The smell of freshly-baked bread or fresh coffee however is said to provide a welcoming feel to a home.
    • Ask friends or family to look after any pets during viewings
    • Try and make viewers feel comfortable. Offer them a coffee and ask them if they need any further information about bills or local amenities.
  • Guide to: Offer & Negotiation

    Coming very soon.

  • Guide to: Sale Agreed

    Coming very soon.

Seller Testimonials
Read what our customers say

Renown prides itself on providing a quality & professional service.

You can view a random selection of testimonials below, or read through more seller testimonials on our blog.

Mortgage Calculator
To help give you a rough idea

Our mortgage calculator is designed to provide an example of the repayments you might expect to make on a mortgage matching the details you provide. The repayment amounts are based entirely on the supplied interest rate and do not include the additional charges that would come as standard with any mortgage product.

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Why choose Renown?

We truly believe we are the best placed agent to help you sell your property.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Voted Cramlington's best independent agent
    for over 13 years
  • All negotiations are handled personally by our experienced, senior staff
  • Our accurate pricing is based on many years of local sales experience
  • Complete client confidentiality guaranteed
  • Market leading 1% sale fee
  • 10% discount for returning customers
  • Energy performance certificates & floor plans
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If you've decided to sell, your first step should be to have your property valued.

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