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Arrange a Property
Tenant Fees
Before you move in, during and at the end of your tenancy
Before you move in:

  • Reference and Setup Fee = £200.00 inc. VAT

    Referencing and right to rent checks – (including identity, immigration and visa confirmation, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current or previous employers / landlords and other relevant information to assess affordability) as well as contract negotiations (amending and agreeing terms) and arranging the tenancy and agreement.


    The £80 reference fee is refundable to any fully ‘acceptable’ prospective tenant if a tenancy does not proceed due to landlord decision on tenant / tenancy. Reference fees are NOT refundable to any tenant whose reference was ‘not acceptable’ or ‘acceptable with guarantor’ if a tenancy does not proceed due to landlord decision on tenant / tenancy.
  • Additional Tenant Fee = £20.00 inc. VAT

    Processing the application, associated paperwork and referencing.

  • Guarantor Fee = £20.00 inc. VAT

    Covering credit referencing and preparing a Deed of Guarantee as part of the tenancy agreement.

  • Pet Deposit (if requested) = £100.00 inc. VAT

    Returnable additional security deposit. To cover the added risk of property damage. This will be protected with your security deposit in a Government authorised scheme and may be returned at the end of the tenancy.

During and at the end of your tenancy:

  • Amendement Fee = £42.00 inc. VAT
    Contract negotiation, amending terms and updating your tenancy agreement during your tenancy.
  • Renewal Fee = £42.00 inc. VAT
    Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging a further tenancy and agreement
  • Future Landlord Reference Fee = £30.00 inc. VAT
    Collating information and preparing a reference for a future landlord and / or letting agent.
  • Unpaid / Late Rent Fee = £24.00 inc. VAT
    To cover time and costs of contacting tenant following non / late payment of rent (7 days beyond due date unless by agreement)
  • Early Tenancy Release Fee = £300.00 inc. VAT
    If released early from a fixed term tenancy with the agreement of the landlord and upon the securing of an acceptable replacement tenant.
  • Professional Cleaning (if required) = £20.00 p/hr inc. VAT
    Only charged when professional cleaning is necessary to return the property to the same condition as incl. VAT. At the start of the tenancy.

Client Money Protection (CMP) provided by ARLA Propertymark.
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Independent redress provided by the Property Ombudsman.
The Property Ombudsman

Additional Tenant Information
Searching, Viewing, Applying and Moving In
  • About Our Service

    Renown Property Management has an experienced office team who will advise you on properties that meet your needs and your budget! We can help you understand the application process, and arrange viewings that are convenient for you.

    At no time will we push you into taking a property. Landlords know that happy tenants are usually good tenants. We have transparent tenancy charges, so you will know exactly what to expect. Unlike some other agencies, we will not surprise you with hidden charges at a later date.

    Once you have moved into your new home we offer excellent customer service to ensure the time you spend in your home is trouble-free.

  • Guide to: The Search

    We recommend that you start looking for a property to rent approximately one month to six weeks before you wish to move as properties are generally reserved and tenanted quickly.

    First of all, perform a Property Search on our website to see what properties are available.

    Be sure to make a note of the property address or Property Reference Number (PRN) so that you can Arrange a Viewing. Viewings can be arranged 24 hours a day on our website.

    You can also receive details of new properties to let via email, by subscribing to one or more of our To Let Property Feeds. Look out for the logo below, in the right-hand column of this page for further information on our property feeds, and instructions on how to subscribe.

    eSearch Property Feeds

    Once you have subscribed (free), we will send you details of all new properties to market available to let in your chosen category(s). Our eSearch Property Feeds eliminate the need to re-search our website.

    You can also receive details of all our new properties on Twitter.tweet, tweet

    Other factors to consider when searching for
    your home include:

    Checklist illustration
    • Location – Close to work or schools, good transport links, access to services and shops, parking.
    • Size of property – In particular the number and size of bedrooms for your family
    • Budget – In addition to the rent, you need to consider the cost of council tax and utilities (e.g. gas, electricity, water).
    • Furnishing – Most properties are let un-furnished or sparsely furnished.
    • When you can move – Properties for let tend to turnaround quite quickly and most properties are only available for a few weeks. Check when our properties are ‘available to let’. We would recommend starting to look 4 to 6 weeks before you wish to move.
    • How long you want to live there – Is the landlord looking for a long-term tenant? Will you be moving on after the initial 6 months?
    • Restrictions – These would typically included running a business from the premises, but individual landlords (or their mortgage / insurance company ) may place additional restrictions on potential tenants. These may include restrictions re pets, smokers, young children and tenants in receipt of benefits.
  • Guide to: Viewings

    No matter how much you like a property's description, as a potential tenant you should always view your future home before making a decision.

    Property Viewing illustraion

    If you are moving in with a partner or sharing, view the property together, preferably in the daylight.

    View properties that you are considering one after the other as quickly as possible. This will help you to compare each property you view.

    We know that squeezing viewings into your hectic lifestyle is a job in itself...

    That's why we offer the flexibility of a viewing time that suits you, including evenings and weekends!

    A member of our lettings team will accompany you around the property and be there to answer any questions you might have about the property and local area.

  • Guide to: Applying

    When you have viewed your ideal property, the next step is to complete a formal application form.

    Application forms will need to be completed for each person who wishes to become a tenant.

    It normally takes a few days for your application to be processed, but it is worth getting in touch with your employer as sometimes they can be slow in providing a reference.

    If it is a joint tenancy, the tenancy cannot be approved until each applicant has successfully applied. Legally, you will each be liable for the whole of the rent and not just “your own share”, however the credit reference company will assess your individual ability to pay the rent on a part share basis.

    Assuming your application is successful and the landlord gives final approval, we will arrange a date for you to sign the tenancy agreement. All of the tenants will need to attend the appointment or will need to sign the tenancy agreement in advance. Any Guarantor(s) will also need to sign in advance.

    You will be asked to ensure you have “cleared funds” meaning cash or a banker’s draft. You will not be able to pay by cheque on the day (you can normally pay by cheque in advance) or by a credit card (as the transaction can be rescinded by you).

    The tenancy is not legally binding until it has been signed.

  • Guide to: Moving In
    Moving-in illustration

    On the day your tenancy starts you will be able to collect your keys from our office.

    If the property is fully managed, our contact details will be on the tenancy agreement.

    Once you have moved into a fully managed property you will be provided with a copy of the inventory which is a schedule of condition of the property.

    You will have 7 days from receipt of the inventory to read, amend, sign and return it. If the inventory is not returned within 7 days we will regard the contents and condition as described in the inventory to be accepted by you.

    If the property is let-only where the landlord merely asks us to find a tenant, then only the landlord’s details will be on the tenancy agreement. This will be explained to you when you sign the tenancy agreement.

  • Information about other aspects of tenancy

    The Contract - The tenant acknowledges that the tenancy is for a fixed period in accordance with the signed agreement.

    Gas & Electricity Supplies - It is the responsibility of the tenant to register with supply companies on taking up occupation and for obtaining and paying a final account at the end of the tenancy.

    Council Tax - It is the responsibility of the tenant to register and pay the council tax during the tenancy.

    Telephone - It is the responsibility of the tenant to register as a consumer with British Telecom. The supplied equipment and installation should not be removed, substituted or extended without prior approval of the Landlord or Agent in writing.

    Water Supply - Information is normally available on the position of stop taps. The tenant should ensure that a mains supply is available and has been turned on before boilers are lit or heating is turned on. The tenant is responsible during the winter season for taking steps to avoid frost damage. This may extend to running a central heating system on a low setting if the premises are unoccupied for a period of time.

    Security - The tenant is responsible for taking security precautions to protect the building and its contents, and should consider insuring his/her own belongings. The Police and the Landlord/Agent must be informed of theft, attempted forced entry or damage. Claims under the Landlords Insurance policy need to be substantiated by a police report and crime number.

    Keys - A record will be made of keys issued at the start of the tenancy and all copies should be returned at the end of the tenancy.

    Gardens - The tenant will be responsible for maintaining gardens in a cultivated condition unless the tenancy agreement provides for gardening services to be supplied at the Landlords cost. Yards and outbuildings should be swept and kept clean and tidy.

    Repairs - The Landlord/Agent are responsible for organising and authorising repairs and maintenance. If a tenant authorises a contract to carry out work in an emergency, it will be on the understanding that relevant enquiries will be made and invoices for any non-urgent work carried out, will be referred back to them for payment.



Tenant Testimonials
Read what our other customers say about renting via Renown

Renown prides itself on providing a quality & professional service to all tenants.

You can view a random selection of testimonials below, from tenants who have used Renown to help them find the right property. More tenant testimonials can also be found on our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to all the questions you most commonly ask
  • Why do you ask for references?

    Renown’s references check all applicants’ credit history and also include a reference from a former landlord, current employer and previous employer. These references are necessary for us to ensure that you have the means to pay the rent.

    We check your credit history to check whether you have had any court orders or CCJs against you in the past, the landlord reference is to help us ensure that you are a reliable tenant who pays on time and doesn’t damage the property whilst the employer reference is to ensure that you are in the employment that you have stated on your application form.

    However if you have a bad credit history you may still be able to apply for the property, as long as you tell us beforehand. If you mislead us about your credit history then your application will almost always be rejected.

  • Do I need to pay an application fee when applying for a property?


  • What is an application fee?

    An application fee is taken from the applicant in order to carry out a credit search to gain Landlord approval for the tenancy.

  • What ID do I need to show before I can move in?

    Proof of Identity - We require photographic ID inthe form of a passport or photo-style driving licence. If you are not a UK citizen of the European Economic Union then you will need to provide evidence of official permission to live in the UK for the term of the proposed tenancy.

    Proof of Residency - For residency we will accept a recent utility/council tax/phone bill no older than 3 months, or a current tenancy agreement.

    In some circumstances additional ID will be requested by the credit referencing agency.

  • Do I have to sign a lease with my landlord?


    Until the tenancy agreement is signed there is no contract between you and the landlord. If the tenancy does not go ahead as planned you cannot claim against the landlord or Renown for your costs or out of pocket expenses.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit?


    A security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent is required in case of any of damage or dilapidation of the property during your tenancy. Renown hold deposits under one of the Tenancy Deposit Schemes in England and Wales – The Dispute Service.

  • Is my deposit refundable?

    Your deposit will be held for the duration of the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy you will be checked out of your property and an assessment of damage / dilapidations will be made.

    Your tenancy agreement will state what can be claimed from the deposit. If any of these items are identified, then we will contact you to discuss the proposed deductions. Renown would prefer to be able to agree to refund the full deposit to you on your vacation, but it will be your responsibility to ensure that you have fulfilled the terms of the tenancy, left the property in accordance with the inventory and schedule of condition and ensured that you rent is paid up to date.

  • Do I have to pay council tax as a full-time student?

    A student does not have to pay council tax if they live in halls of residence or a house where all of the residents are students in full-time education. This is provided that all of the students in the house have supplied the council office with a copy of their tenancy agreement and student certificate.

  • When can I pick up the keys to my new home?

    You can collect the keys to your rented property on the commencement date of the tenancy agreement.

    You will be required to visit our office on the day the tenancy agreement commences to finalise any outstanding paperwork (such as signing the tenancy agreement). Keys will be handed over subject to all of the nessessary paperwork along with all of our procedures being complete.

  • What am I responsible for as the tenant?

    As a tenant you are responsible for:

    • Prompt payment of rent.
    • Prompt payment of gas, electricity, telephone and internet bills.
    • Reporting any damages and repairs to the property as early as possible.
    • Carrying out odd jobs in the property in a tenant-like manner such as changing light bulbs, etc.
    • Repairing any damage caused by you at the property, which includes for example; unblocking sinks or toilets which have been blocked due to your misuse.
  • What is my landlord responsible for?

    This largely depends on the level of service Renown has been instructed for, although your tenancy agreement is between you and your Landlord and therefore the Landlord must ensure that any promises made within this contract are fulfilled.

    Fully Managed: Your Landlord will have appointed Renown to act for him or her regarding day to day matters. Therefore you should contact us on all occasions. We may need to get authorisation from your Landlord for certain requests, but we will then act in accordance with your Landlord's instructions.

    Tenant Finding: In this instance, your Landlord will have appointed Renown only to find him or her a Tenant for the property and sometimes to set up a tenancy agreement. Any queries or matters regarding the tenancy once you have moved into the property should be sent directly to your Landlord. Renown will not be able to assist you.

  • What other costs will I have besides the rent?

    These will vary but are most likely to include gas, electricity, telephone, water rates, council tax and contents insurance to cover your own possessions.

    To find out more about contents insurance please contact our office.

  • What maintenance is the landlord required to complete?

    Your Landlord has statutory obligations to maintain and repair certain areas and items in your property.

    Your Landlord must ensure that:

    • The gas appliances and pipework at the property are safe and is obliged to have a qualified engineer to test these on an annual basis. You will be provided with a copy of this certificate which should indicate that all of the appliances and pipework are safe.
    • The electrical appliances that they have supplied to you at the property are safe. They will require access to your property in order for a qualified engineer to conduct this check on an annual basis.
    • The structure of the building is maintained to include walls, drainpipes, guttering, roof and windows.
    • The hot water and heating are operational. If they should malfunction, then your Landlord is responsible for ensuring that it is fixed, once you have alerted them, in the shortest time possible.

    Your landlord is not responsible for repairing any damage that you have caused at the property - this is your responsibility.

  • What is classed as reasonable wear and tear?

    "Reasonable wear and tear" is the normal deterioration of an item through normal use, however it is a landlord's decision on what is classed as reasonable and what is excessive dilapidation.

    Fair wear and tear is based on the length of the tenancy, the number and ages of the Tenants, the condition and ages of the items and the expected lifespan of these items.

    Renown ensure that the condition of the property and its contents are noted down in the inventory prior to the tenancy beginning for reference of the original condition of items in question.

  • Can the landlord enter the property without my permission?

    The answer to this is usually stated in the tenancy agreement. In most cases a landlord cannot enter the property without giving the tenant reasonable notice beforehand, usually no less than 24 hours. Please see your tenancy agreement for more details.

    In the event of an emergency which may affect the safety of the occupants or the property, it may be necessary for the landlord to gain access to the property without this notice.

  • Can my landlord increase my rent at anytime?


    The tenancy agreement determines when and by how much your rent can be increased. If the agreement does not specify an amount or time, then the landlord must negotiate this with you. Neither the landlord nor the tenant can alter the original tenancy agreement without the other party's consent.

  • Can my landlord take my possessions if I fall behind on rent?


    The Landlord can take certain action via the courts in order to take action against you for non payment of rent, but if you are occupying the property under an assured shorthold tenancy or a fixed term contract, your Landlord cannot enter and take your possessions from the property.

    If you fall behind with your rent it is always best that you contact Renown (or your landlord if Renown do not manage the property) to discuss how you will ensure that any money due can be paid.

    Your Landlord is entitled to take action to regain possession of the property via the courts if you continue to not pay your rent.

  • Can I redecorate or make any other alterations to the property?

    This will be stated in the tenancy agreement, but in most cases you cannot decorate or alter the property without the landlord or property owner’s consent.

  • Can I stay longer than the agreed term of my tenancy?

    Once the initial fixed term is coming to an end, it may be possible to continue the agreement for a further period of time by mutual agreement with the landlord concerned.

  • Can my landlord refuse to give me back my deposit?

    If you have entered into an assured short hold tenancy in England and Wales, then the return of the deposit is subject to tenancy deposit protection. The scheme which your Landlord or Renown have chosen will be able to provide you with information on the process for returning your deposit.

    These schemes provide an alternative dispute resolution process whereby an independent adjudicator will make a final decision on the disbursement of the deposit money.

    Renown use The Dispute Services as its nominated tenancy deposit scheme.

  • How do I end my lease early?

    When you enter into a tenancy agreement with your Landlord it will state how long the tenancy period is for. During this time neither you nor the Landlord can end the tenancy unless there have been breaches of the terms.

    If there is a break clause in place you may be able to end your tenancy early according to the terms of the break clause. You should refer to your tenancy agreement and discuss this with your Landlord or Renown.

    A fixed term lease give you security to occupy a property for a set period of time and you will be responsible for paying the rent for this period of time which was agreed at the commencement of the tenancy.

  • Who can help me if I have problems with my landlord?

    If your property is fully managed by Renown then please contact us directly.

    However if your property is not fully managed then in all instances you must first discuss your complaint with your landlord and if necessary address this complaint in writing. If you are unhappy with the response you receive from your landlord then contact the Property Ombudsman on the address below:

    Property Ombudsman
    Beckett House
    4 Bridge Street
    SP1 2LX

Tenant Insurance
Helpful information & advice ...just incase!

Introducing HomeLet

Specialised market-leading insurance, for Tenants

HomeLet are a provider of referencing and insurance solutions to the property market's letting industry, but they also offer comprehensive specialist insurance for tenants too.

Renown Property Management are proud to introduce HomeLet to all tenants seeking Liability Cover and Contents Insurance from accidental or malicious damage to their belongings.

Why not get your Liability Cover and Contents Insurance for Tenants quotation online today?
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Learn more about HomeLet
Tenant Insurance

For more information or to discuss you obligations and responsibilities as a tenant, please contact us to speak with one of our rental specialists or arrange a free consultation at your convenience.

Important Information about our
Tenancy Fees

When renting a property via Renown Property Management, we will charge the tenant the following upfront fees:

  • Joint Tenancy application fee - £100.00
    Sole Tenancy application fee - £80.00
    Additional applicants fee - £20.00
    Guarantor fee - £20.00 p/guarantor

    Fee includies VAT, credit checks, landlord references, employment checks and is payable upon application.

  • Tenancy Contract fee - £120.00

    Fee includes VAT and is payable upon the signing of the tenancy

Other periodic fees may apply thereafter (e.g. tenancy renewal fees), for more informtaion please click and refer to the Tenant Fees section adjacent or speak to one of our team.

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